SEO Audit - Analyzing your digital position
Scrutinizing the website’s performance for better results
  • Vetting the chief issues of concern
  • Auditing the trivial mistakes
  • Analyzing the reasons for low website traffic
  • Studying the recently trending keywords and employing them for further use
  • Using tools such as Google Analytics to detect the errors thoroughly

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Eradicate all the issues that have been hindering your online growth

More revenues, leads, and visitors is not a distant dream for the companies who practice the habit of website SEO Audit regularly. Being a topnotch SEO Company, we comprehend the importance of checking for the errors repeatedly and making the amendments accordingly on the website. We offer the services of SEO auditing to our clients that helps in analyzing the errors made previously and assuring that the needed changes are made and the business is pushed towards the road of success.
Website SEO Audit
Trust us to stay at the panache of success
At KoolDox, you will meet the titans of their respective fields who will help your business get visible and appreciated by the people. If you already have a website, we can run an audit for free to help you assess the errors that have been the cause of your slow progress. The audit also helps you in finding the areas which are appreciated by the Search Engines and also, it makes you see the stumbling blocks that have been hindering your growth.
  • A proper and clearly defined list of relevant keywords is laid according to the nature of the business and the competitors’ approach.
  • The audit report will be bestowed to the clients in a manner that all the obstacles and merits of the website are explained.
  • We work in various languages and the audit report can be provided in the language as per the client’s suitability.
  • We unfold a list of tools that can be required to improve the quality of the website in diverse ways.
  • Any error, whether big or small will be seized during the audits and it will be rectified for a better presentation and online performance.
  • The responsibilities of tracking the traffic metric and analyzing the backlinks will be done sagaciously by our team that will ensure better growth and website traffic.
The SEO auditing is a lengthy process and is done with the help of numerous tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google PageSpeed Insights, Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool, Copyscape, SERP Simulator, and Web Page Word Counter.
The eminence of the Audit Report
The team of KoolDox will present to you a PDF version of the Audit Report in the language most suited. It will include every aspect and dimension of your website and will also mention the places where the website is lagging, where it is doing good and the remedial measures that are required to improve the performance of the website in the online platform. With the proper auditing, making it at the top position of Search Engine Ranking is not a hard nut to crack.

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