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Getting social is no more just a personal need of humans, but also an important platform for the companies to grow. Now, we can see people getting busy at their mobile phones all the time and most of the attention is driven towards social media. The emergence of social media sites has given people a place to connect and the companies a space to promote themselves and their products and services.

Social Media Marketing is evolved as a major component to attract multiple eyes and expand the audience of a business. KoolDox brings revolutionary ideas to promote a business in multiple social media platforms with the use of catchy content and regular posting.

Social Media Marketing in India


There are multiple merits of taking the services of Social Media Marketing by a reputed Social Media Marketing Agency. KoolDox will make you experience the services in a manner that you will be more than satisfied with and praise the services we have provided.
Some of the huge benefits that come with the excellent Social Media Marketing services that we provide are as follows:
  • Better Reach
  • More Audience
  • Higher Ranking
  • Brand Building
  • Stronger Communication
  • Knowledge about the audience


Here at KoolDox, everything is well-planned and thought of. None of our services are offered at random and such is the service of Social Media Marketing. We adopt a proper methodology with which we work and bring the desired changes on the social media platforms of our clients.

Auditing Social Media

Every business looks out for the ways to expand its reach among the masses and connect to as many people as possible. At KoolDox, we are concerned with using the best methods to widen your ambit. Social Media Marketing is indubitably a means to connect people with another easily. A business page on social media can attract a lot of attention without any hassle. Thus, we choose the most appropriate social media platforms to place your content and promote your products and services with the audience that might be interested in your business and bring opportunities for trade and growth.

Expanding the audience

You might have the greatest content and most awesome products’ list, but what is the benefit of all that if there is no one to see the same? Building the audience for the social pages is an eminent step for your success and is proficiently handled by the team of KoolDox. We create awareness of your page among the masses and bring in the traffic. This way, people will be informed about your products and stay connected to you for updates about new products or the fall in prices, etc. The engaged audience can turn into customers soon if they are regularly provided with the desired assistance.

Customer Engagement

In case you desire to be a social media celebrity, you would care about the number of followers and likes on the social media handles, or else, you would be concerned with the percentage of those followers turning into leads. Every business looksout for the ways to grow and expand. Regular posts and credible information makes the viewers interested and they rely on the business for further trading. KoolDox has offered brilliant strategies and ways with which the engaged audience has changed into leads that bring the opportunities to satiate the customer needs.

Staying In Touch

Once you have served the customers, it doesn’t imply that your work there is done. There is always scope for further expansion and development. Regular updates and submissions on social media handles can catch the attention of even more people and persuade them to do business with you. The Social Media Marketing strategies we build understand the need for continuous efforts and the requirement of grasping the attention of the people at every step possible. Hence, we stay in touch with people through regular posting and updates.

Where Do We Promote?

Advertising and Promotion

A successful Social Media Marketing Plan is incomplete without advertisement and promotion. They are the supporting pillars behind a successful venture and aids the growth of an online domain. KoolDox deeply researches for the ideas and ways to promote a product/service or company on the social media platforms.
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Instagram
Where Do We Promote?

Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social Media has become a vital tool of interaction for the people and consumes more than 60% of their leisure time. The digital era has brought along multiple changes in the lifestyle of people and the sellers are making full use of these changes. Business websites are strengthening their brand by going social and connecting with people impressively.
Importance of Social Media Marketing
To handle diverse social platforms at once can be tedious work for the owner, but it can be done rather quickly and professionally by the team of experts at KoolDox. We are termed as a leading Social Media Marketing Agency that has the perfection of work and ability to shorten the distance between you and success. If you are looking for distinct services under Social Media Packages, then you need to have a look at the projects we have handled and see what makes us better and head and shoulders above our competitors.
Eminence of Social Media Marketing

Best tips for success-driven social media marketing:


Great results come for even greater and realistic planning. It is very well said that one must aim for the moon, then it might hit the star. The dreams must be massive and beyond ordinary and the plans that are laid to turn those into reality shall be workable and definite. The quick-witted planners at KoolDox are able to employ the strategies that can make any goal look easy to achieve. Hence, we make sure that if you are aiming for the moon, you end up hitting it, and not any star.

Great Content

Social Media is all about sharing, liking, commenting and following a piece of content. But why would someone like a specific content on social media, when they actually don’t like it? Quite contradictory statement arises in such situation. That is why it is necessary to build great content that the audience actually likes so that they can hit ‘like button’. At KoolDox, impressive content is an indispensable part of Social Media Marketing Packages so that the audience can be enticed with the content and share it on their profiles that will lead to even greater customer engagement.

Consistent brand image

Every brand creates its specific image on social media that shall be fixed, rather than flexible. The versatility should not be made to the content in terms of the mood set. If a business has used a funny approach since the start, a change towards a serious emotional approach will lead the audience to get confused. The team of KoolDox can provide for you several options in terms of content matter within a specific approach that will lead to more engagement and better brand loyalty.

Track competitors

The competitors of any business shouldn’t be underestimated as they can be a major contestant to you if they realize the benefits of Social Media Marketing before you do. Make sure that you are aware of the practices that are pushing the rankings of the competitors on SERP and practice better plans and strategies.
Track competitors
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Why Choose Social Media Marketing?



If you are looking for a steady way to attract the audience and build your visibility in the online world, you shall go for SMM services, instantly.



If you are wondering about the potential of Social Media Marketing, you need not worry as these services are very effective and result-oriented.


Attention- Seeking

Most of the customers can be found on the Social Media Platforms and thus, you need to be there too with the most attention-seeking methods



Nothing in this world is for free. But, these methods and services of Social Media Marketing are very budget-friendly and work like wonder.


Increased Brand Recognition

The recognition of your brand will increase with time if you adopt Social Media Marketing services from the esteemed company.


High Conversion Rates

Your worries of turning the viewers into customers, then your worries can be solved with the high amount of conversion rates promised by Social Media Marketing services.

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