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Plan strategically and Optimize consistently

The digital world has no divisions and boundaries, unlike the real world which is separated into numerous cities and countries. Once anything is uploaded in the World Wide Web, it can be seen anywhere in the world. Due to this easy flow of information and freedom to access it from anywhere around the globe has made it an eminent tool of advertisement and promotion.

The team of KoolDox has a futuristic vision and utilizes the Digital Media optimally. We serve our clients with advertising methods that can make their brand renowned in no time. Digital Advertising is one of our areas of specialization and our team has pulled its sock up to serve the clients with the content and services that are supposed to shoot up their rankings and make their company’s name a reputed brand identity within a very short frame of time.

Digital Advertising in India
Plan strategically and Optimize consistently

Types of Digital Advertising Services

Search Engine Marketing

Everyone wishes to be at the top and when it comes to the businesses, there has been a dog-eat-dog competition in the market, for the same. Reaching the topmost position on the Search Engine Result Pages for any of the keywords is not easy and requires a lot of effort. The team of KoolDox sinks teeth into every project that is given to us and works hard to make sure that your ranking improves. But, if you are in a hurry and looking for temporary rankings at the highest position, you need to take heed of the Digital Advertising Services offered by us. Out of all the services we offer, Search Engine Marketing shows the fastest results as it makes you appear at the top for specific keywords on a temporary and paid basis. The viewers will be able to recognize the difference between a paid result and an organic result through the form of its display, but it will help in gaining more views easily and shortly.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a powerful tool that not only impresses people but makes them busy for a very long period. No matter the age or gender, everyone these days can be seen busy using their mobile phones and spending time on social media platforms. Social Media Marketing works like magic for such an era, as most people are indulged into it, it makes it obvious for them to shower some attention on the marketed products and services as well. We design several social media profiles for the company, that is meant to share useful content with the audience and connect with them in a better way. Our duties involve uploading content daily and solving customer queries with a positive approach.

Display Advertising

When a commercial message is shared with the people with the utilization of text, logos, animations, videos, and photographs, it is known to be Banner Advertising or Display Advertising. It is an optimal medium to fetch the attention of the people towards a message or banner. In other words, the traditional medium of advertising by banners on the roadside have returned in use with a digital twist. These banners make use of catchy texts, plenty of pictures and other elements that make it hugely benefitting and eye-catching for the viewers. These banners need not be printed, but they will be advertised on the web spaces where the targeted audience reaches the most. This is a very helpful tool in boosting the buyers’ market and therefore, sees a major demand by the businessmen.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is a subset of mobile marketing.A type of advertising that is meant to entice customers who use mobile phones. The banner advertisements that are meant only for the mobiles or the SMS services are counted in the services of Mobile advertising. Based on an individual's web browsing history, and other factors, the data is recorded and the most suitable services are promoted to them that grabs their attention and boost the market sphere that is interested in your work and products/services. The employees at KoolDox understand the eminence of mobile advertising and builds the strategies which assure success and growth.

Pay Per Click Services

Pay Per Click services are steadfast and very economical. The right services can help the customers to find the business instantly. In fact, the Pay Per Click or PPC is estimated to increase the return on the investment made and also satisfies the clients as they have to pay only for the clicks that are made, which accounts for the number of times their website has been reached by the customers. Businesses belonging to diverse niches are looking for a digital marketing agency that can help to provide them with the best services that can bring huge benefits. KoolDox keeps its nose to the grindstone to assure that the clients are served only with the pivotal strategies and services.

Influencer Services

When everyone is going social, it is best to dedicate yourself to the work of attracting people's attention through optimal use of Social Media. Influencer Marketing is a newfangled technique that is a subset of Internet Marketing. It involves a person or a group that is renowned within a specific group and that person is asked to endorse a particular product at his/her/its's social channels. These influencers promote the product directly or indirectly among their followers and it is a more reliable platform for the people who trust the influencer and decides to reach out for the promoted commodity, faster. KoolDox is in touch with multiple influencers of diverse fields who can advertise your company in a jiffy.

Geofencing services

The proximities and precisions serve great importance to the businesses that are aiming to fly. Geofencing marketing lends us the capability to promote a company, or its products or services at a particular location with pinpoint accuracy. The areas even lesser than 1000 square feet are made easily reachable and thus, the Local SEO became faster and trouble-free. If you are looking for a marketing agency that can optimization for optimum and result-oriented Geofencing services, then feel free to come in touch with the team of KoolDox.

Content Marketing

Content is the king and conversion is the queen in the field of digital marketing. All the efforts made to promote a company will meet failure in the absence of powerful content. The writers at KoolDox are diligent and extremely talented in creating the content that not just informs, but also attracts and persuades the readers. We use diverse tools to find the most suitable keywords for your business and smartly puts it in the content so that your website’s ranking can sky-rocket at the Search Engines.

Video Marketing

We all must have heard that a picture speaks a thousand words. The power of visuals can never be underestimated. Not just pictures, the videos also play an important role in seeking the interest of the viewers. The video marketing approach used by KoolDox leads to progress, more organic traffic, visitors’ interest, and better ranking. We are experts in making videos that tell your story and attract the viewers simultaneously.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The techniques to convert the visitors of a website into customers can be explained as Conversion rate optimization. The team of KoolDox is vigilant to the changes in the digital market and applies their knowledge and skills to attract the right set of audience who can change into the customers if they are served with the content, products, and services that fits their need. We understand the ways to entice the people and use them to make the clients' websites.

Remarketing Services

KoolDox offers amazing competitive remarketing services to the clients so that they can win back the customers back. It is not a one-step service, but a collection of multiple campaigns and packages that are aimed to attract the people who have already done business with you. The benefit of these services is that they bring exceptional results at unparalleled speed.
Digital Advertising

Why Are Businesses Going Gaga Over Digital Advertising?

Digital Advertising is done to interact with the consumers that have done business before with the company that is promoted and can again be interested in the products or services advertised. Other than that, the new audience is also enticed using a plethora of options and various mediums.
Digital Advertising is indubitably better than a lot of traditional marketing methods as it is fast, flexible and global. From a start-up to business tycoons, everyone is making use of these advertising techniques to become the talk of the town. They profit a lot more than better financially as they bring about Major Return on Investment, they are easily measured and look more attractive to the people.
The world is going global and digitally capable, and the companies who wish to aim for success in this technologically advancing generation need to pull up their socks and apply for the digital options that can lead to the fulfillment of their targets.

Why Us?

To be honest and upfront, there is a myriad of companies that are stating that they offer the best services in the industry and thus, it becomes hard to find the one who could stand true to the promises made. If you wish to find the best company that can also walk the walk, and not just talk the talk, you can do it with a little bit of research. Search for the older clients of the Digital Advertising Company and look for their rankings on Search Engines. The results will tell you the true story behind their promises.
People prefer to work with us because of the transparency we offer and the results we bestow in the end. We are reputed for the fact that we fulfill all the promises we have made and do not try to fool the clients with fake promises and unrealistic targets. We are a team of knowledgable fellows who are devoted to bringing a digital revolution with their amazing work skills and creative approach. The clients dealing with us have never seen failure for the work we took responsibility for and we adhere to our policies of hard work and transparency to assure that we make a list full of happy clients.
If you wish to make a grand image in the market, we can help you with the same. Call us to know more!
We Fulfill Your Requirements

Merits Of Choosing Digital Advertising


Measurable Results

Digital advertising is the most measurable form of marketing. The growth with these tactics can be estimated with the charts and growth tracker.


Easy Connection with the customers

The customers can easily be informed about the brand and the products and services it offers through the rapid form of digital advertising.


Easily Adaptable To Changes

The traditional forms of marketing are hard to be changed according to the new needs, once done. However, the digital advertising is very much adaptable to new changes.


Beat The Competition

The competition is getting hot with the changing days and the business needs to work accordingly to beat the competition and stay ahead of others.


Huge Return on Investment

The money invested in the digital advertising will return to you in great numbers and in the earlies time possible.


Brand Development

The development of the brand is consequential for a company to grow and that can be done easily with digital advertising.

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