In-depth reporting to clients
A report with details is a treasure to receive
  • Know the acknowledged tactics in the digital domain in recent times to make sure your website uses it.
  • The detailed information about the faults and rightness of the websites are identified for better working.
  • The involvement of the client in the whole process makes it a transparent procedure.
  • Constant improvements can be assured with the regular reporting
  • The stumbling blocks in the success trip can be estimated and removed in the shortest duration for a better working

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Tracking Yesterday’s Progress for a Better Tomorrow’s Result

The mistakes made in the past shall be removed, not repeated. However, if one would not know what errors he/she has previously made, there is no chance of improvement in the future. Establishing and tracking the progress report of a website would help in estimating the faults and correcting it so that there could be no reasons for the Search Engines to keep it behind its competitors. We are one of the most zealous SEO services providers in the global market who worship their work and use the best tools available for the progress tracking of the website. This is done regularly and its reports are sent to the clients so that they could know which services have been proven beneficial and which aspects need to be worked upon for better performance over the Internet.
Transparency is eminent
A company needs to be transparent and truthful to its clients and customers to grow and relied upon for the long term. This principle is followed by us duly and we assure that everything that is done regarding the project is honestly communicated with the respective client. KoolDox stays on the promise of being transparent throughout the whole process of working, tracking, reporting, and rectifying so that the results produced shall be purely authentic and trustable. The people who have done business with us or seen the work we offer to our clients deem us to be the Best SEO Company in India. With our prominent services, we are raising the bars and surpassing the level of customers’ satisfaction.
With the metrics such as web traffic, SERP ranking, time spent on the website by the visitors, amount of returning visitors and much more, we estimate the performance of a website and it’s content. If there is something wrong found throughout the process, it can be worked upon by our team of professionals. We spend a handful of time in making your website known to the targeted audience and all the practices that we follow are genuine and unique.

Frequently Asked Questions

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